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Tagglo® connector for Wayfair

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4 Simple Steps

To getting your information validated and published for Wayfair

Import your data

Upload your data and Tagglo will quickly check it and tell you how many files, products, and data columns are going to be imported.

Map your products

Start mapping – select an attribute from your list, find the corresponding Wayfair attribute in the Master Data and Tagglo will remember your mappings for future imports.

Enrich, validate and correct

Sometimes your data will have errors or missing attributes. Tagglo will help you make sure any required attributes are present, and help you comply with Wayfair’s business rules.


Once your Tagglo status bars are full, you are ready to publish.
Simply select the products you want, hit publish, and you are good to go!

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Tagglo Desktop Dashboard

So far, I really like Tagglo. It seems to be pretty well thought out, and the 2 Stibo folks that were here are very open to hearing suggestions for improvement and implementing them.

Helaine Estrada - Product Information Manager at Klein Tools

The Tagglo application made the process of launching products streamlined and efficient.  The Tagglo system is clearly designed with the end-user in mind, and their team provided responsive step-by-step training and guidance throughout the entire process.

Andrea Brenneman - Senior Ecommerce Content Manager at Moen

Tagglo has a great platform and interface

Marcos Garcia - International Import Manager - DSI Lighting

Profile headshot

I found the interaction to be very responsive, hassle free with a perfect sense of the kind of interaction we were looking for

Alexander Swagemakers - Marketing Process Consultant

Tagglo makes the bulk addition of new products to The Home Depot much easier and faster and its format allows for better visibility of items by group.

Jennifer Ly - Account Manager at Southwire

Product data mapping dashboard

Manage your products with ease


Upload your data to Wayfair in its existing format and structure. Plug in your XML feeds, JSON, CSV files, spreadsheets and more.


Map your uploaded data to match Wayfair's requirements. Tagglo will make helpful recommendations along the way.


Receive real time feedback if your data meets Wayfair's requirements. If there's a problem you can fix it on the spot.


Add new product information at the same time. Quickly add detail and richness to your product information right from within Tagglo.


We'll let you know the moment Wayfair's data requirements and rules change so that you can remain compliant and online.


Submit validated data to Wayfair without having to worry about unexpected errors.


For Wayfair
Vendors and Suppliers






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