Manage, maintain, and monitor

All of your products in one place with Tagglo
Upload your product data with Tagglo
Push product data to Tagglo via a data feed or a simple spreadsheet upload.

Tagglo also has an API for engineering teams who want to add all of the Tagglo goodness to their own application.

Upload a range of file formats

Upload CSV, XML, JSON, and excel files to Tagglo

We’ll check your file on it’s way in, tell you what we found and flag any problems.
Flexible import options

Import your product information directly into your master data repository or start syncing it up to one of your retailer channels.

Upload data in your own
format and structure

Tagglo is able to handle multiple data types (.xls, .xslx .csv,  .xml and .JSON).

Connect in multiple ways: Data feed, third party API, spreadsheet upload.

Tagglo creates a secure feed with your retailer that gives the most up to date information.

Tagglo has an API for engineering teams to build their own connectors or make customized calls.


Map it once to your
retailer’s data structure

Connect your data structure to your retailer’s in one simple click.

The system shows suggested mappings to your retailer’s structure based on the names of your attributes and the structure of your data.

Once the connection is saved, each new product in the same family retains the mappings.

Search through existing mappings to see your connections and be able to change them without any hassle.

Map your product data with Tagglo
Intelligent Mappings

Tagglo intelligently remembers your previous mappings making it faster and easier to update and add to your product category.

Split Search

Search both your import and your master data set to find the right match, however different they may be.

Detailed Descriptions

Detailed descriptions of the product data for those of us that don’t have photographic memories.

Validate your product data with Tagglo

Quickly view and prioritize what needs to be fixed first.

Real time retailer feedback
to meet requirements

Once you upload your data, Tagglo instantly notifies you if it passes validation.

If data doesn’t match validation, Tagglo tells you exactly what’s wrong so that you can fix it.

The system validates based on your retailer’s categories, lists of values and data types as well as enforcing the business rules regarding the relationship between attributes and objects.


Create and update product
information in one place

Add new products and new product information in the same place, all from within Tagglo, without ever having to go to a separate application or portal.

Correctly entering data into Tagglo’s enrichment UI means it will pass your retailer’s business rules and requirements.

You can either change the data directly within Tagglo or set up transformation rules so that your data is changed automatically across your entire product lineup.

Enrich your product data with Tagglo

Complex business rules

Your retailer’s complex business rules made simple with Tagglo.

Add New Items and Categories

Create new categories and product families, add to channels and download your product data from the contextual menu.

Correct your product data with Tagglo
Constant Verification

Anywhere we find a problem we’ll let you know so that you can quickly and efficiently correct it to meet retailer requirements.

Instant notifications when
requirements change

If your retailer updates its requirements, you are notified which ones changed and when. No need to go searching through all your data to find the changes.

Once you update the changes, you can pass the validation knowing that your product information is up to date.


Submit validated data to your retailer without having to worry about unexpected errors

When Tagglo notifies you of passed validations, you are good to go. Because Tagglo is directly integrated with your retailer, it means you have the most up to date business rules all of the time.

With the completed and successful publishing of your data to your retailer, you can rest easy. If anything changes we’ll let you know immediately.

Publish your product data with Tagglo
Publishing Control

Publish your entire data set or publish individual item updates, the choice is yours.


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