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What retail channel is the is the Pilot Program for?
  • The Pilot Program is for The Home Depot channel on Tagglo
What is the purpose of the Pilot Program?
  • The Pilot Program is a way for us to gather feedback from a limited number of vendors for a specific retail channel as we get it ready for general availability on the Tagglo platform.
Does this replace The Home Depot’s Vendor Portal?
  • No. Tagglo is a solution for gathering and storing your product master data in one place and then getting it verified in real-time for the retail channel you do business with.
  • Tagglo simply makes working with The Home Depot’s Vendor portal faster and easier.
  • As additional channels come online, you’ll be able to use the same master data and we’ll automatically map any data that matches.
What happens if I’m a Home Depot Brand Advocate Program Member?
  • If you are a member of The Home Depot’s Brand Advocate Program you get Tagglo for the Home Depot channel for free.
Do I have to pay for the pilot program?
  • No. The pilot program is free to participate in.
How long does the pilot program last?
  • The pilot program duration is 2 months.
What happens after the pilot program?
  • After the end of the pilot program, you can continue to use Tagglo for The Home Depot and for other retailers at the regular price (see pricing).
  • Members of The Home Depot Brand Advocate program get to use Tagglo for The Home Depot Channel for free and would only have to pay for additional Retailer channels.


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