Data Security

Your product data is safe with Tagglo.

There are a number of steps we take to ensure that industry accepted best practices and standards are in place for application and data security, identity and access management and for compliance and governance.

Data storage

All data Tagglo collects is stored electronically on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure (us-east-1 datacenter). Our application servers and database servers run inside an Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). The database containing your product data is only accessible from the application servers.

  • Firewalls are in place exposing only the necessary ports through the internet and between different servers.
  • Application servers are only accessible using secure HTTPS connections

Data collected through Tagglo is exclusively reserved for use by our users and customers. Tagglo does not make use of the data collected in any form or way unless consent is officially given from an admin of the Tagglo account, clearly outlining what the data will be used for.

Data access and authentication

Only Tagglo engineers which require such access to perform their job efficiently are given access. Different engineers are given different access rights on different system components as well depending on what their job requires. Engineers who do have access, have their own credentials and these are only valid when used from specific IPs. SSH Key-Based authentication is used for server access.

Data access and backup

At Tagglo we use a distributed database with replication to keep your data safe and to provide high availability. This means that the system will continue to operate even though a database node fails and that no data will be lost even though two database nodes fail completely. Full database backups are taken every day and kept for two weeks so that the backups can be restored in the unlikely event of even more serious failure.