The holiday season is here. Are your products ready?

Retailers like Walmart and The Home Depot continue to make investments in eCommerce to drive traffic and improve the customer buying experience and one of those efforts is to make sure vendors understand that there is no longer any real difference between in-store products and online products. The customer wants the same richness of information

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Sharing product content with retailers is a big challenge

  The buying public’s appetite for detailed product information to be available anywhere, anytime has become a competitive focal point for big box retailers. To compete, retailers  are asking vendors to provide an increasing quantity of detailed product information that is tailored to their internal systems and business rules. For vendors this means not only

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New items set up with retailer channels doesn’t have to be hard

Is your product data, images and other assets fragmented? Is your latest information for a product difficult to update with your retailers? Are you providing the most detailed and accurate information that end consumers need to feel confident in their purchase? Getting new items set up with any retailer channel is a time sensitive and

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