Product Update – January 2018

Filter in the Channel and Master data View

Channels: All
Description: Product can now be filtered by status, imported date and ID or ID range in the both the Master data and Channel data views.

Product data filter options

Additional filters: While viewing Master data, User can also filter products by one or more channels.

External ID and Status are now include in downloads/exports

Channels: All
The status of products as well as the external ID given by the retailer (eg: OMSID for THD) are included in the excel export from the channel.

View products linked to digital assets

Channels: All
Clicking on a digital asset now shows the product or products the digital asset is associated with.

Super SKUs

Channels: The Home Depot
Super SKUs can be one of the biggest challenges in getting product data into The Home Depot.

The latest update to Tagglo brings Super SKU functionality to all users.

  • Create a Super SKU simply by grouping items
  • Import Super SKUs directly using excel
  • Base your Super SKUs on the attribute of your choice

Read the FAQ for a complete overview of the new Super SKU functionality.