The holiday season is here. Are your products ready?

Retailers like Walmart and The Home Depot continue to make investments in eCommerce to drive traffic and improve the customer buying experience and one of those efforts is to make sure vendors understand that there is no longer any real difference between in-store products and online products. The customer wants the same richness of information whether the product is on the physical shelf or the digital shelf.

Why item data syndication is important:

Demand is up

Walmart’s reach has grown to 200+ million unique visitors and is expecting US e-Commerce sales to grow by roughly 40% in 2019 (Bloomberg 2017).

Complete and correct content improves online search results and product visibility

Retailers want suppliers to provide high-quality content across their whole product catalog to make sure that customers find what they are looking for and have enough information at hand to complete a purchase.

Product vendors and manufacturers are the best source of information but not the only source of product content, retailers often supplement the pool of available information through third-party sources such as GDSN.

Faster new item setup and maintenance

Content is complicated and content impacts the entire product lifecycle at any given retailer. Before content hits the real or virtual shelves, a retailer uses product content to determine assortment in-store and online. During the item set-up process, the content details dictate where on the shelf your product is placed. In addition, retailers now use algorithms to vet pricing and free-shipping qualifications, one of the most important purchase drivers for customers. Once the product makes it through all the business rule verifications, content correctness checks and other retailer specific validations, and is on sale, the product content influences the shopping experience, both in-store and on-line.

How Tagglo can help

Tagglo acts as a bridge between suppliers and retailers. A bridge that eliminates costly delays vendors face getting product information into retailers, while at the same time increasing the quality and accuracy of product information presented to customers.

A typical vendor saves an 30 mins per item (per retailer!).
Even if you have a small assortment, those hours add up quickly, especially if you have multiple retailers to repeat the process for.

With a free platform to store you master data and inexpensive channels, to connect your data to your retailers, Tagglo is fast becoming the syndication tool of choice for vendors large and small.

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