New items set up with retailer channels doesn’t have to be hard

  • Is your product data, images and other assets fragmented?
  • Is your latest information for a product difficult to update with your retailers?
  • Are you providing the most detailed and accurate information that end consumers need to feel confident in their purchase?

Getting new items set up with any retailer channel is a time sensitive and often in the critical path for vendors and suppliers. While your assortment is growing, you also need to continue to provide granular product specifications and information tailored to each retail channel in order for them to place your products on their digital shelves.

Tagglo is your solution to reducing the time you and your team spend aggregating content and populating item setup sheets.

Leveraging the category mapping capabilities in Tagglo, you can manipulate your data and images to comply with the unique requirements of each of your retail channels and auto populate the item setup sheets within minutes.

It used to take you weeks to get new products listed, and it now takes only a few minutes with Tagglo.

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