Product Update – July 2017

Product Maintenance

Channel: The Home Depot
Users now have the ability to refresh and maintain the data on all the products they have with The Home Depot and are no longer limited to maintaining new items uploaded through Tagglo.

  • Users will now be able to track their submitted product to The Home Depot’s IDM system.
  • UI now show fields as Read-only based on the product’s state
    • Once a product is Submitted and is in the approval workflow of the channel it will be read-only until it is Online or Rejected.
  • Users can now review rejections from the channel, fix errors and re-submit the product
    • Ability to see the products rejected along with the retailer’s rejection notes in order to be able to fix those errors and re-submit the product.

Digital Assets

  • Refreshing or unlinking of assets from the grid view and the product detail page view
    • Refreshing or unlinking an asset that was uploaded via URL can now be found in the left corner of the product image thumbnail or by selecting the image and using the drop down menu options from the yellow circle menu selector on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Deleting asset from the grid
    • Users can now easily delete an asset from the grid by clicking the image thumbnail, selecting the image from the asset selector and clicking on the delete menu in the yellow circle menu selector on the upper right corner of the screen.

The Home Depot

  • You can now view the OMSID on submitted product on the product details page.
    • Once a product is submitted, the OMSID will be visible in the grid, in the product detail view and in the list view.


  • Users now have the option to clear all mappings from the “Your mappings” section on the mapping screen.
    • This feature allows Users to only import the attribute that they specifically select, and avoid overwriting values that might not be the same on the imported sheet as in master data.

Working with product data

  • Users can now download selected master data products from the master data list view and grid view in Excel format.
  • Hovering over a column header now shows the mapped master data attribute.
  • Users now have the ability to decide to override the mapped master data in the grid and product details page or to override values just on the channel.
  • Users now have the ability to delete a master data attributes from the attribute page.

Product Packaging

  • Users can now see the individual status for the levels of the packaging hierarchy that are created when they use a flat packaging hierarchy.
  • Users can now also see the hierarchy level as a number in the heading for each of the columns in the flat packaging grid.

Product Families

  • New filter to identify family or variant attribute columns in the grid.
  • Attributes that contain product variants for families are now highlighted in a gray color in the grid view.
  • A supersku icon after the name of a category appears if it is a supersku capable category. This icon shows in the “add to the channel” browser, in the category report, and in the name of the category at the top of the grid.

User management

  • Administrators now have the ability to reset their account by clicking on the “Reset Client” link found under Administration > Settings
    • Resetting the Client will delete all data and channels for the account, including products, assets, mappings, channel associations, submission logs as well as other users associated with the client.