Product Update – June 2017

User Experience

  • New Login Screen
    • We have implemented a new login screen design.
    • Use your email address on file and your password to log in.
  • Multiple users in one account
    • Account admins can now invite multiple additional team members to join the account.

User Interface

  • New option to “open in separate window” is now available from the submit error dialog.
    • Most validations are done in real time as you edit your products, but some complex validations occur on submit to channel.  If you have errors on submit across many products, you can now open the dialog detailing those errors in a separate tab of your browser so you can correct the errors and view the error messages aIf you have errors on submit This provides the ability to view the error and work on the data at the same time.
  • You now have the ability to download the an XML file of the submitted products from the submission log in the administration menu.
  • Tagglo now supports http downloads for files without an extension.
    • You can now refer to assets in Adobe Scene 7 in your import files.
  • Product re-validation is now triggered when asset is being populated.
    • When assets linked via http:// or file:// references, are pulled into Tagglo, they will get re-validated so that status of the product they are connected to gets updated.
  • Asset fetching status shown in grid
    • If the asset is awaiting download, it will be indicated in the grid view with a “Fetching” status.
    • If the asset contains an error, the asset will show a broken image icon.


  • An API administrator is now able to import products and manually trigger a submission of one or more products using the API.