Navigating the High Seas of Product Data

Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers Sit at the Center of a Perfect Storm

We all know the Internet has profoundly altered consumer shopping patterns, particularly in the last decade. And those changes have, in turn, created a sea of new demands for data sharing. All driven by the need to respond to new purchasing realities.

And where do manufacturers, distributors, and retailers generally sit in all this?
Unfortunately, all too often they are lagging behind, wedded to expensive legacy systems that store product content in lots of discrete server locations, including those cumbersome, low-tech spreadsheets.

Manufacturers still prioritize product improvement, time to market, and marketing materials that highlight only carefully selected product features.

Distributors focus on product transport and timely delivery. And all the while, retailers are desperately scrambling to both meet ever-increasing regulatory requirements and gather the mountain of specific data that customers now demand for store web sites and displays. Read entire article…