Syncing up with all your retailers

Technology has enhanced the way retailers connect and communicate with their vendors and suppliers. At the same time the requirements for communicating and maintaining that connection have increased dramatically. To make things really challenging, every one of your retailers has their own unique product content requirements.

For example, one retailer might have a sweater category called “dark blue” while another calls the category “navy blue”. Sizing, format, and file naming conventions of product images, as well as number of features will also vary.

blue sweater VS navy sweater

Pressure is also mounting for both retailers and suppliers as an ever increasing level of engagement is expected across many digital channels so that retail customers can access detailed and accurate product information online, in stores and on mobile devices. One of the results from this increase in data volume and data velocity is data variety – some retailers are expanding the number of attributes from hundreds to thousands and getting those requirements right is becoming an increasingly complex task.

That’s where Tagglo comes in

Tagglo is a cloud-based product information management system for retailers, vendors and suppliers. With an online Tagglo account, businesses of all sizes can upload and sync with retailers a wide array of content, allowing for data, pictures, and written content to be verified, mapped and exchanged quickly and easily. The result is trustworthy data that can be automatically shared across systems.

Tagglo leverages deep industry knowledge and experience with retailers from the best in class multi-domain Master Data Management solution from Stibo Systems.