Solving the retail connection problem

The problem

Manufacturers, vendors and suppliers still struggle to provide accurate and timely product information to their retail and distribution channels. We’ve been told time and again that it’s a costly and cumbersome process with every channel having unique data templates and requirements.

On the other side, big box retailers often struggle to receive accurate and timely product information from their suppliers and bad data is extremely costly in lost sales and customer support.

Suppliers and retailers may individually have good internal data management, but the data flow from one system to another is where it all breaks down.

The Solution

The process of data exchange is best facilitated by a cloud based solution for synchronizing a manufacturer’s data to it’s various retail channels, translating the data into appropriate formats for each channel. – is a single web application for manufacturers, suppliers and vendors to easily transfer product information & images to all their retailers. One place to easily map and validate all of your product information and to ensure business them to the specific requirements of retailers, and transfer the data to retailers.


The focus for Tagglo is on ease of use, low cost of entry and the clear presentation of up-to-date retailer requirements for suppliers.